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01 March To The Eternal Domain
02 Question Of Honour
03 Moments Of Battles,Times Of Glory
04 Return
05 Pillars Of My Spirits (Termination)
06 Hell Majesty
07 Perverse Kingdom
08 In The Ruins Of Clare
09 Triumph
10 Walking To The Eternal Fire

Aaskereia - Zwischen den Welten... 2004

01 - Erkenntnis
02-Die Flöten des Pan (The flutes of Pan)
03 - Instrumental
04 - Der Stille Schrei
05 - Im Schattenlicht Zwischen Den Welten

segunda-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2008

Escaravelho Do Diabo-Só Os Verdadeiros Sobrevivem

01 - Invocação Profana (Intro)
02 - Sente A Decadência
03 - O Último Lamento
04 - Crânios Cremados
05 - Só Os Verdadeiros Sobrevivem
06 - Blasfêmia

domingo, 27 de janeiro de 2008

ABSU - And Shineth Unto The Cold Cometh -1995 - EP


sábado, 26 de janeiro de 2008

Alghazanth - Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity (1999)Finland

1. Introduction (The Broken Talon)
2. The Unbounded Wrath
3. My Somberness Surmounted
4. Of A Stormgrey Vision
5. He Awaits...
6. Towards The Tempting Infinity
7. Ensnared In Moonshades
8. When The Spirits Dance In Grief
9. The Thorns Cry Blood

Enochian Crescent - Telocvovim(1997)Finland

1. Kun Ihmisliha Itki
2. Closed Gates of Tomorrow (The Cold Harvest)
3. Crescentian 03:47
4. Under Autumn Trees
5. Amma I Piad Sa Madriiax
6. A Wolf Among Sheep
7. A Dream of Basaltic Submarine Towers of Titanic Proportions and Nightmare Angles
8. Afar (The Age of Dust)
9. When Tears Run Dry
10. Bonedancer
11. Black Flame of SATAN Burning

Marduk - Germania1991

1.Beyond the Grace of God
2.Sulphur Souls
3.The Black
4.Darkness It Shall Be
5.Materialized in Stone
6.Infernal Eternal
7.On Darkened Wings
9.Untrodden Paths (Wolves Part II)
10.Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania
12.Total Desaster (Destruction cover)

Gehenna - First Spell(noruega)1994

01. The Shivering Voice of the Ghost
02. Unearthly Loose Palace
03. Angelwings and Ravenclaws
04. The Conquering of Hirsir
05. Morningstar

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Pest - Rest in morbid darkness (2008)

1. Possessed by the Beast 04:18
2. Nights in the Cursed Chapel 04:00
3. Blessed by Hellfire 03:48
4. Rest in Morbid Darkness 05:33
5. Bestial Crucifixion 04:08
6. Vomit up the Blood of Jesus 05:08
7. Shadows of the Dead 03:59
8. Final Strike of Doom 04:58
9. The Lust for Cruelty 14:27


Necro - Guitars, vocals, drums
Equimanthorn - Guitars, bass


Peste Noire - 2007 - Folkfuck Folie

01. L'Envol du Grabataire (Ode à Famine)
02. Chute Pour Une Culbute
03. La Fin Del Secle
04. D'un Vilain
05. Condamné à la Pondaison (Légende Funèbre)
06. La Césarienne
07. Maleiçon
08. Amour ne M'amoit ne Je Li
09. Psaume IV
10. Extrait Radiophonique d'Antonin Artaud
11. Folkfuck Folie
12. Paysage Mauvais


Istidraj & Lüger - Total War Epuratio (Split)

1.Warlust Introduktion 04:19
2.Piss on Love 04:48


3.Blasphemik Konquest 02:45
4.Istidraj 03:31


dark funeral

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Unearthly (Bra) - Infernum - Prelude to a New Reign

1. Days of Storm for Christian Souls
2. Challenging The Heavens
3. Forbidden Carnal Desires
4. Zyklon B (Warlegion)
5. Living Under the Sign of Blasphemy
6. Embracement of Eternal Darkness
7. For the Glory of the Impure God
8. BDHE-Part 1: Infernum
9. BDHE-Part 2: Victory of the True Path
10. BDHE-Part 3: Prelude to a New Reign

Nocturnal Worshipper - The Return of the Southern Tyrants(Brasil)

1. Ave Satani
2. Cold Mist Of Funeral Empire
3. Prince Of Death
4. A Tomb In The Satanist Hill
5. Fury Of Demoniac Harvest
6. Ancient Flames Of Darkness
7. The Altar

Berdysz - Dziedzictwo Praojców(Poland)

1.Pamiêæ w Ba³tyku wodach zatopiona
2.Czas wojny
3.P³omieñ ognistych wici
4.Dzika bestia z borów
5.Ostoja pogañskiej wiary
6.Krucze skrzyd³a
7.Thunderstorm (Venedae cover)
8.Z³amany Krzy¿

Raw Black Metal/Ambient

Glorior Belli - Evil Archaic Order(France)

1.Evil Archaic Order
2.Eternal Torments
3.Black Procession

Raw Black Metal

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Lucifer's Hammer - The Mists of Time (1997)

1. The mists of time 1:21
2. Woodland realm 3:42
3. Sad bird midst 5:47
4. Phantom spirit 6:54
5. Ethereal sea of forever 6:26
6. Celestial vision 8:40
7. Sonatina 2:08
8. Enter the eternal fire (Bathory cover) 7:43

Total playing time 42:41


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Gorgoroth-(noruega)Under The Sign Of Hell (1997)

1-Revelation Of Doom
3-Funeral Procession
4-Profetens Åpenbaring
6-Ødeleggelse Og Undergang
7-Blood Stains The Circle
8-The Rite Of Infernal Invocation
9-The Devil Is Calling

Satyricon-(Noruega)Dark Medieval Times (1993)

1. Walk the Path of Sorrow
2. Dark Medieval Times
3. Skyggedans
4. Min Hyllest Til Vinterland
5. Into the Mighty Forest
6. The Dark Castle in the Deep Forest
7. Taakeslottet

Dissection-(Suecia)The Somberlain (1993)

1. Black Horizons
2. The Somberlain
3. Crimson Towers
4. A Land Forlorn
5. Heaven's Damnation
6. Frozen
7. Into Infinite Obscurity
8. In the Cold Winds of Nowhere
9. The Grief Prophecy / Shadows Over a Lost Kingdom
10. Mistress of the Bleeding Sorrow
11. Feathers Fell

Nekromantie-(Colombia)Resurrección Maldita (2006)

1. Existencia Putrefacta
2. Resurrección Maldita
3. Esquizofrenia
4. Hombres Falsos
5. Massacra (Hellhammer cover)
6. Metallica/Slayer (cover)
7. Premonición
8. Propaganda
9. Hombres Falsos
10. Esquizofrenia
11. Resurrección Maldita
12. Hombres Falsos
13. Aullido (Outro)

Black/Death Metal

Pass: www.metalwarriors.cl.nu/

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Arckanum - Fran Marder (1995)

01_pans lughn, hvila pa tronan min
02_de alder haerskandhe vaesendhe natur
04_kununger af paen diupeste natur
05_gava fran trulen
06_fran marder
09_kolin vaeruld

Warloghe (Finland) - Desecration (1997)

01. Let Plague Reap The Weak
02. Witchcraft & Blood
03. Desecration

Funeral War (France) - Pas De Compassion (2006)

1. Pauvre Trône Oublié0
2. Saargath
3. Agonie des Menacés
4. Pas de CompaSSion
5. Schwarzkorps
6. Victime d’une Absurdité
7. La Complaisance du Fat
8. Thème d’une Fin

Arckanum (Sweden) - Kostogher (1997)

1. Skoghens Minnen Vækks
2. Yvir Min Diupe Marder
3. øþegarðr
4. Þæn Sum Fran Griften Gangar
5. Et Sorghetog
6. Gamall Uvermark
7. oþer Trulhøyghda
8. Gangar For Raþan Vinder
9. Bedrøvelse
10. Ir Bister Ensaminhet Lagh Ugla
11. Græmelse ok Væ
12. Kri Til Dødha Doghi

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pecatorium-Beyond the Shadows-Demo(Teresina/PI - Brasil)

1. Apo Pantus Kako Daimonos (Intro)
2. In the Pagan Shadows
3. Beyond the Shadows
4. Nocturnal Frenzies
5. War Legion's
6. The Last Dusk(Ao vivo)

Profanum - Under A Black Wings Of Emperor (1994)

01. The Ultimate Blasphemy
02. Let Jesus Fuck
03. Into The Beginning Of Eternal Wisdom
04. Darklord
05. Unspoken Name Of God


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in memorian(Brasil)Insantification-1996

01 Centuries of Sortilege (Intro)
02 As the Prediccion
03 Insantification
04 Stream of Evil
05 Final Torment
06 Living in the Unlight
07 The Machine...(Outro)

Lua Negra - Noites Sombrias(Brasil)

1.Noites Sombrias
2.Lua Negra
3.Soltem Os Leões
4.Domínios Obscuros

War - Total War(Swenden)

1. Satan
2. I Am Elite
3. Total War
4. The Sons Of War
5. Revenge
6. Reapers Of Satan
7. Satan's Millenium

Perpetual Dusk - Supreme Black Victory(Brasil)

1.Forsaken Winds of Diabolical Ecstasy
2.Supreme Black Victory
3.Beyond the Ethereal Spheres of Nocturnal Domain
4.Inside the Shadowy Glass Moon
5.Tilled by the Traces of Fear
6.Unhallowed on my Lips
7.Promised Key to the Unholy Gates of Evil
8.The Truth of our Essence
Melodic Black Metal

sábado, 5 de janeiro de 2008

Unearthly - Black Metal Commando(Brasil)

1.Declaration Of War (Intro)
2.Catholocaust (War To The Catholicized)
3.Black Metal War Commando
4.Through War... Destruction Of Heavenly Corruption
5.Unearthly Warlord (Evil Force Attack)
6.War Over Promised Land... The Anihilation
7.Hino De Devoção Aos Deuses Da Guerra
8.Zyklon B (Second War Holocaust)
9.War Hate Disgrace (Destruction Is Iminent)
10.Unleashing Unholy War
11.Marching To War... To The Victory
12.Mors Et Destructio Sanctis Rebus (We Are The True War)

Endless War - Triumphant Hate & Bloody Swords(Brasil)

3.Total War
4.Blood and Thunder
5.The Call of Goat's Lord
6.Beautiful Lands
7....of a New World
8.The Hammer and the Golden Dawn

Pactum - Hate, Evil & Arrogance(Brasil)

1.Hate, Evil & Arrogance
2.Hail Infernal Proselytism
3.Blood, Fire, Death (Bathory cover)

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Aztec - Loss Of Our Final Pride(israel)

1.Abused In The Future
2.Wolf's Dirge
3.A Place Of Evil Born
5.Twisted Misconception
6.Even The Unlight...
7.Until The Holocaust...
8.To Die By The Sword

SATHANAS - Crowned Infernal(usa)

01.Crowned Infernal
02.Witches Sabbat
03.Beyond The Blood Red Moon
04.At Death's Command
05.Cast Into The Fire
06.Dawn of Satan's Rise
07.Hammer of Demons
08.The Beast of Revelation
09.Summoning The Ancient Hordes
10.Necromantic Rites
11.Sacrificial Kingdom
12.Hymns From The Shadowland

Umoral - Umoral( Norway)

1.Say You Love It
2.This Is Not The Darkness You Paid For

Sarcófago - INRI-Brasil(1987)

1.Satanic Lust
2.Desecration Of Virgin
5.Christ's Death
7.Ready To Fuck
9.The Last Slaughter


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