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Acrimonious - Perdition Gospel (2006)

Lyrical theme(s) Darkness, Satanism, Evil

01. The Curse of Eden
02. Goatrapture
03. Gospel of Perdition
04. On Serpent Wings


Black Witchery - Upheaval Of Satanic Might (2005)

Lyrical theme(s) Black Metal, Occult, Satanism, Death, Desecration

01. blood oath
02. heretic death call
03. profane savagery
04. baphomet throne exaltation
05. holocaust summoning
06. hellstorm of evil vengeance
07. darkness attack
08. scorned and crucified
09. upheaval of satanic might
10. ritual (blasphemy cover)

Total playing time 29:37


Istidraj - Blasphemous Ritual (2006)

Lyrical theme(s) Satanism

01. Spawn Forth... Inferno
02. Bidadari Desekration
03. The Burning Twillight
04. Blackened Prophecy Of Doom
05. Blackstorm
06. Blasphemic Conquest
07. Morbid Blasphemic Cult
08. Crucified (Impaled Nazerene cover)
09. The Burning Twillight (Striid version)
10. The Burning Twillight (Lurker version)

Total playing time 40:11


H.E.W.D.A.T. - Blackest Empire Of Satan (2006)

01 - Black Angel Of Darkness (4:40)
02 - Azazel (3:50)
03 - The Satanist (3:46)
04 - Death To The Bastards (3:39)
05 - Blackest Empire Of Satan (4:16)
06 - Awakening Of Evil (5:21)



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Heia - Magia Negra ( 2006 )

Lyrical theme(s) Satanism, Occultism
Origin Brazil (Goiânia/GO)

1.Maldade Infame


3.Magia Negra



6.Perversidade Mística da Desgraça

7.Manifesto da Desgraça

8.Ritual (Bonus)

9.Missa Negra (Bonus)


Unearthly - Infernum - Prelude to a New Reign

Lyrical theme(s) Anti-christianity, War

1.Days of Storm for Christian Souls03:28
2.Challenging The Heavens07:32
3.Forbidden Carnal Desires06:11
4.Zyklon B (Warlegion)02:57
5.Living Under the Sign of Blasphemy04:30
6.Embracement of Eternal Darkness06:21
7.For the Glory of the Impure God05:10
8.BDHE-Part 1: Infernum01:15
9.BDHE-Part 2: Victory of the True Path08:10
10.BDHE-Part 3: Prelude to a New Reign02:58


Sabbat (Japan) - Black Up Your Soul (1994)

Genre(s) Black/Thrash Metal
Lyrical theme(s) Evil, Satan, Darkness

01. Welcome To Sabbat
02. Black Fire
03. Poisonchild
04. Rage Of Mountains
05. Possessed The Room
06. Darkness And Evil
07. All Over The Desolate Land
08. Satan's Serenade
09. Mion's Hill
10. Black Fire
11. Hellfire
12. Bird Of Ill Omen
13. Danse Du Sabbat
14. Envenom Into The Witch's Hole
15. Carcassvoice
16. Bewitch


Svartsyn - Destruction Of Man (2003)

Lyrical theme(s) Satanism, Death

1.Archdemon of Binah06:52
2.Children of Plague07:01
3.Demons Walking on Earth04:03
4.Towards Chaos06:20
5.Devil's Image06:14
6.Enemies From Beyond04:58
7.Destruction of Man05:57

Occult Black Fucking Metal (recomendo)


domingo, 14 de outubro de 2007

Cryfemal - Perpetua Funebre Gloria (2005)

Lyrical theme(s) Satanism,Anti-christianity,Death

1.Lamentos Antes De Fallecer05:40
2.Descanse En Paz06:22
3.Tras La Muerte02:58
4.Ser Difunto05:33
5.Niebla De Funeral08:23
6.La Muerte Imbertida07:12


Thunderbolt - The Burning Deed of Deceit (2003)

Lyrical theme(s) Paganism,NS (early)-Satanism, Destruction (later)

1.Die With Your Religion07:35
2.Lord Of Creation07:30
3....Where The Plague Touches...08:17
4.Key To The Century Of Death06:32
5.Blood Of The Victorious King10:10
6.The One Who Sleeps06:58


Lucifugum - Gates of Nocticula ( 1996 )

Lyrical : Satanism, Fanatism, Blasphemy, Anti-human Ideology

2.Ancient His Majesty...05:37
3.The Kingdom Come05:55
4.Bless The Dances On The Graves04:54
5.Through Blood By Thunder03:53
6.His Throne Is?...03:06
7.Inevitable (The Silent End)06:24


pass : attila

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Dark Funeral - Attera Totus Sanctus

1.King Antichrist04:39
2.666 Voices Inside04:38
3.Attera Totus Sanctus05:37
5.Atrum Regina05:33
6.Angel Flesh Impaled05:53
7.Feed on the Mortals05:41
8.Final Ritual05:44


Dark Funeral - Vobiscum Satanas

Lyrical theme(s): Satan, Anti-Christian, Death, Evil, Armageddon

1.Ravenna Strigoi Mortii04:27
2.Enriched By Evil04:43
3.Thy Legions Come04:13
4.Evil Prevail04:28
5.Slava Satan03:59
6.The Black Winged Horde04:38
7.Vobiscum Satanas05:00
8.Ineffable King Of Darkness03:38


Besatt - In Nomine Satanas ( 1997 )

Lyrical theme(s) Antichristian, Satanism

2.Taste of the Nightly Prayers04:40
3.The Time of the Wolf06:41
4.My Religion04:06
5.The Devils Baptism05:24
6.Deadly Psalm04:36
7.Night Voice02:33
8.Chalice of Truth06:10


Armagedda - Rehearsal '00

Lyrical theme(s) : Occultism, Anti-Christianity

1.Sign of Evil04:02
2.The Final War Approaching03:58


Horned Almighty - Black Metal Jesus (2004)

Lyrical theme(s): Satanism

1.Intro: Praedictum01:36
2.Satanic Fatherland04:04
3.Terror Soul03:21
4.Carnival of Dead People04:46
5.Black Metal Jesus04:00
6.Desecrate the World03:28
7.Exit Planet Earth03:15
8.Horned Redemption03:37
9.Complete Utter Darkness05:12


Satanic Warmaster - Revelation (EP 2007)

Lyrical theme(s): Satanism, Occultism, Fascism, War, Folklore

2.Wolves Of Revelation06:19
3.Sign Of Fighters' Storm08:26
4.The Sign Of The Master04:23


Infernal - Infernal ( 1999 )

Lyrical theme(s): Satanism

1 Requiem (The Coming of the Age of Satan)
2 Wrath of the Infernal One
3 Storms of Armageddon
4 Under the Hellsign


Licht Erlischt - Bergmanden/Pfade aus dem Leben

Lyrical: Death, Human Fragility,Inescapable Fall of Mankind
Tape limited to 100 handnumbered copies

1.An Aimless Lifetime10:21
2.In der Ferne Heimat Suchend09:18
3.Auf das Kalte Land Hinausgezerrt07:54
4.Ein letzter steiniger Weg09:47
5.Licht Erlischt.....04:26


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Bloodlord - Serenaden der Wälder (1998)

Lyrical : Anti-christian, Occultism

1. A Rising Star - Intro
2. Final Sunset
3. Soul Of The Tyrant
4. Serenaden Der W?lder
5. She
6. Extinguished Lights - Outro
Total Playing Time: 27:30


Setherial - Endtime Divine (2003)

1. Crimson Manifestation 04:14
2. The Underworld 04:34
3. Subterranean 05:51
4. ...Of Suicide 04:20
5. Entity of Night 04:19
6. The Night of All Nights 05:44
7. Endtime Divine 04:38
8. Transformation 04:42
9. Storms 05:11


AN - Pure Northern Hell (2003)

Lyrical theme(s):
Death, Destruction, Misanthropy

1. Pure Northern Hell 06:38
2. Death to Mankind 05:42

Total playing time: 12:20


Crebain / Leviathan - Split (2004)

Track list:
1. Sorrow Of The Ancients 05:03
2. Legion 04:30
3. Cold Black Heart 04:33
4. Retribution 05:31
5. The Burden Of My Demise 05:59
6. Glorious Age Of Satan 06:11
7. Ruminating In Hatemagick 07:43
8. Epoch Of Surcease (The Secretion Of Funerals) 05:45
9. Burning In Waves, Choked By Mountains 05:44
10. Black Years From Here 04:07
11. Now Relic 08:38
12. Blood Angel 01:16

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Download part 2

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