terça-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2008

Oathean-The Eyes of Tremendous Sorrow + As a Solitary Tree(2005)korea

02The Last Elegy For My Sad Soul
03Transparent Blue Light...So Too Much Tearful
04In Fear With Shiver
05Frigid Space
06The Eyes Of Tremendous Sorrow
07The Rotten Egg Smell Stuck On My Belly
08Punishment Of Being Alone, Its Cruel Strength Breaks Me Away
09As A Solitary Tree ...
10The World Fades From Perception
11Solace of The Grave
12Wandering Soul (Live) (Bonus Track )
13Darkseed In My Mind (Live)(Bonus Track )


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Anônimo disse...

puedes subir de nuevo el disco de Oathean- The Eyes of Tremendous Sorrow
porfavor te lo agradeseria mucho


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